Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We are praying in connection to the one power, the one God, the only power of the universe and in our lives. The Christ that lives in all and is all. There is nothing to ask for. God does not withhold. We simply pray and connect and know and trust in God. This we do in the silence of meditation, quieting the mind and body and allowing the Godness that we are made of come forth and shine.
We hope we pray with a pure heart in the knowledge of Christ. In Christ there is no sickness, no harm, no death, no beginning, no end. Let us realize there is nothing but the Christ and God's goodness everywhere and dispel all illusion of sickness and death from our minds and live the Mind of Christ.GOD IS SOUL AND GOD IS ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING. THEREFORE, SOUL IS ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING. In this, no harm can come to any of us. Do not despair at one seemingly out of place piece in the puzzle of life. Our perception is limited. Feel the feelings, but rest in the assuredness that in this present moment is eterity and all of eternal life. The more quiet time we take to rest in this moment, the more connected we are and the more 'miracles' we notice around us. The precious present, the Here and Now, is a living breathing explosive incredible miracle. This is a miracle we can live, so, LIVE IT NOW!

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