Friday, February 10, 2012

The Right use of Mind: Introduction

‎"I want to figure out"...five words that embody a conceptual way of living that can keep us in illusion. The Truth of being is that all is provided. Our needs are known even before we know them. This leaves nothing to want. With 'wants' null and void we move to "figure out". THe Truth of being clearly reveals all is already 'figured out. This tells us we are not required to figure anything out. All we need do is connect to the Infinite Wisdom of the Truth of God where all is already known and, seemingly like magic to the unrehearsed, what we need to know is revealed to us for the moment and situation with which we are presently dealing.

Keep your mind stayed on God, not on wants, needs or trying to figure anything out. A mind stayed on God is connected to all things, all knowledge where all that is known and needed is already provided. With this focus, we shall then easily act in the reality of purposeful living rather than executing empty actions based on needs, wants or lack of knowledge.

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