Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sensuous Pleasures of the World

Human beings have five physical senses and memory, and imagination. Stimulating all of these is impossible to avoid though some have tried. Most of us are stimulated positively by the sense of taste, smell, the feel of soft fur, the human body and more. When we 'get spiritual' do we rise above the senses, the memory, the mind?  Well I certainly have not. Nor am I renouncing sensuality, at least not as yet. But here are the real questions:

"Are my sensuous pleasures driving my being? Do they rule? Are they my God?"

We are given human instincts for a purpose. The instinct for survival, security, community, sex, companionship, relationships.  And we are given the senses to determine the condition of the physical world around us - to determine if it is beneficial or harmful, safe or dangerous. And these senses are means by which we can give to others and be of benefit to us and our fellows.

The other day I cooked a delicious dinner for my family.  I could not have done that without my senses, memory and imagination in tact. How else could I know how cook it, or even know that it was delicious.  And if they had no senses, how could they appreciate it?

Without the senses and physiology of the body, how could we fall in love, develop relationships and have children and share more with the world to continue mankind? It is when our senses far exceed their intended purpose that we run into problems. When love becomes lust, when hunger becomes gluttony, when survival becomes greed.

Now we could take the course of action that involves using our mind and willpower to curb these extremes, and this may give some temporary relief.  One instinct may curb another like the instinct for survival curbing greed so that we do not steal and end up in prison.

I submit that these are not totally free solutions. That there is a better way, the infinite way.

When I turn my mind to thoughts of the infinite vastness of Creation, when I meditate and practice the presence of an infinite power that runs all things, I begin to discover there is a Power running this Universe and my life that takes care of everything always and at once. In so doing, worldly pleasures, instincts, the senses are kept in balance. Not by me, but by the All powerful Love of all creation.

If this seems high-handed or religious it is not.  It requires no religion or belief system on my part. It only requires looking inside and seeking the consciousness of a Higher Power that is truly taking care of me and all people and all systems of the world with love.

This takes care of my most important need, to feel safe. And when I am safe I have no worries and all my needs and wants are over because they are taken care of in the most beneficial way possible.

This is the way of love. True Love. Permanent love.

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