Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Do We focus our Minds on Then?

Our minds are busy thinking, always thinking. Are we aware of what we are thinking? Do we think our thoughts have the power to make or break anyone, anything, ourselves? Few would argue that thoughts often result in actions. Many are unaware of how this works. Infinite Soul Wisdom is not concerned with how the mind works, or how thought controls actions.  Infinte Soul Wisdom is concerned only with the Infinite, the power of the Universe and we are convinced this power does not come from the mind.

Mind is defined as what we humanly can think and conceive.  We can think of good and manifest it. We can think of evil and manifest it.  Infinite Soul Wisdom suggests we tap into a source of power that is all good at all times, a power that cannot be used for anything evil.  In fact, we believe it is a power that is ever-present, always available and provides everything we could possibly want or need for any good work.

Where do we find this power if not in the mind?  We claim it is found inside self and we must look inside to see.  How do we look if not with the mind?  We are so wrapped up in mind that we cannot conceive of anything else we could use to look, al least to look inside. (Obviously we have the senses to use to look on the outside such as our eyes and ears.)

Infinite Soul Wisdom has discovered something else we can use to look inside and find the Infinite Power of the Universe and tap into it for all our resources.  And we found anyone can discover it, it is so simple.

But it is not easy.

To discover that something else to look with besides the mind, we must put the mind aside.  This begins with being willing to set aside all of our thinking, at least temporarily. This thinking includes our opinions, judgements, catagorizations, stereotypes, resentments, hurt feelings, and all the things we 'know' as being right where others are wrong.

This is why it is not easy.  It means being open-minded and willing to change, to admit there is much we do not know, and, and this is the big one, IT MEANS TO GET HONEST WITH OURSELVES.

Bottom line:  we must get to humility in order to discover what we have inside that we can 'look' with to find the ulitmate power inside. And our human ego does not like this prospect.  Most of you will not like it either at one level or another.  Either you will brand this talk as foolishness, boring or just plain stupid.

But even that cannot stop you from discovering the Power within. The Power that provides all resources and never leaves you wanting.  The Power that brings joy, harmony and love to you and all the lives you touch who are also willing to change.

All you need do is ask yourself one simple question:  Am I willing to change?

If the answer is even the tiniest little yes, you are on the road, a road you can travel at the end of which are rewards beyond anything you can imagine at this moment.  And we are not talking about the afterlife here.  The rewards are available here and now, in this moment the to extent that we are willing to let go of the ego and all of its trappings and, in humilty say, I don't know.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Right use of Mind: Introduction

‎"I want to figure out"...five words that embody a conceptual way of living that can keep us in illusion. The Truth of being is that all is provided. Our needs are known even before we know them. This leaves nothing to want. With 'wants' null and void we move to "figure out". THe Truth of being clearly reveals all is already 'figured out. This tells us we are not required to figure anything out. All we need do is connect to the Infinite Wisdom of the Truth of God where all is already known and, seemingly like magic to the unrehearsed, what we need to know is revealed to us for the moment and situation with which we are presently dealing.

Keep your mind stayed on God, not on wants, needs or trying to figure anything out. A mind stayed on God is connected to all things, all knowledge where all that is known and needed is already provided. With this focus, we shall then easily act in the reality of purposeful living rather than executing empty actions based on needs, wants or lack of knowledge.