Sunday, March 6, 2011

Infinite Soul Wisdom

Infinite Soul Wisdom is one person's experience with the Infinite Way, just as Joel Goldsmith describe's all of his experiences with the Infinite Way. Yet it is for us to discover our own.. Our true soul's are infinite, and we can consciously connect to our true souls and, therefore, to infinite wisdom. Infinite wisdom is as accessible to you as air. Like air, it is invisible to human senses and the human mind. Yet it is everywhere and for everyone. There is only one place to look for infinite wisdom, and that place is available to everyone here and now. That place is inside your own being. Look inside for the truth of who you are. There may be many layers to unpeel, but it is worth the effort, for in the center of your being is pure love, wholeness, pure health, pure joy and...infinite wisdom.

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