Monday, March 14, 2011

Is this all there is?

We have five senses and a mind. There is more going on than our five senses and our mind can sense and conceive. This is obvious to the logical mind, but to the human ego this is an offensive concept. After all, we are the most superior being on the planet so we must have the complete ability to sense, perceive and understand all things to their fullest. Actually, we do, but not in the human sense. Our human abilities are limited. Fortunately, we are a creation of an unlimited universe. Let's propose that there is some way to connect to this sense of the unlimited universe, this complete knowing. This 'all-truth'. Let us further suppose this way is accessible to us somehow some way despite our limited senses and mind.

Since most of us are not aware of such a connection, it is possible the connection is not attained through any of our human abilities.

With this in mind, let us get quiet and alone with our own thoughts. Let us treat our thoughts gently, not analyzing or judging them, but calmly observing them like we would a crowd of people passing by on a New York city sidewalk while we sat on a stoop and watched. Unattached, not drawing conclusions. Allowing thoughts of judgment to go past along with the changing crowd.

Let us try this repeatedly on a daily basis. The object is to give our human sense and our mind a break. We have sensed, analyzed and determined long enough. Know let us put those skills (albeit well-developed ones) aside and look for another way to perceive, a new way, perhaps indescribable with thoughts or words, but a way, nonetheless by which we may connect to infinite consciousness, infinite knowledge, all the truth beyond what our human senses have known.

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