Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A recent inquiry about God Consciousness

Q: How would you define consciousness? Is god our actual consciousness? Trying to understand this..

A: It is as easy and as difficult to understand as it might be for a fish to understand water. Water is everywhere keeping the fish alive, in fact, it is the fish's very breath of life that permeates his whole being. Yet the fish may not be consciously aware of the water, sort of like taking the water for granted but much more than that.

God is the water and you are the fish. To become conscious of this is to no longer search for consciousness or its meaning, because it already is, and already has been here always whether we understand it or not.

The thing is, I glory in it. I revel in it. I sing and dance and live as joy, happy and free, taking pure delight in each moment of my connection to the water.

I drink the consciousness the all-power of the universe. I savor its ambrosia as it easily satisfies my soul's thirst, and I give myself permission to share this joy with everyone I meet.

Thank you so much for asking. Now write your own answer.

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