Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life is so Simple

Inside is all the power of the Universe. Inside where? Inside you. If this is so, why are we not all gods going around ruling everyone and everything? Wouldn't that cause the ultimate in conflict? The answer is simple. Isn't conflict what we have now all over our world? . There are not two worlds, a spiritual and a materiel, a hell and a heaven, a heaven and an earth. There is one world. Perceptions by our human minds are what seems to confuse the matter. As a matter of fact, matter is confusing, it is pliable, changeable, temporary. The power of the Universe is permanent though we perceive changing forms. The actual energy is never created or destroyed. These changing forms are not reality when perceived as changing. This is a perceived reality that assuages the human ego.

Allow ourselves to be confirmed in the fact that no human power makes the sun and stars shine, rotates the earth, grows trees. This is all we need to unleash the incredible power we are holding back from within ourselves that will move the mountain of pain, misery, grief, despair and all the wars, illnesses and destruction which accompany them.

Life is so simple. Get quiet. Look inside. In there, no matter what we think, is always all the power of the universe. All we need do is let is come out as in the words of Emerson: "Open out a way to let the imprisoned splendor escape."

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